Hemorrhoids- A Homeopathic Approach 

Sometimes, it is hard to talk about those medical conditions, which are embarrassing to talk. Hemorrhoids or piles is one such condition, we don’t try to discuss with our health care provider. There are many people who suffer from this ailment and try to conceal. It can be with blood or it can be only with irritation and itching. Many people think it is because of eating spicy food, or it might be the inflammation of anus. In fact, it is not dangerous and is an enlarged blood vessel of anus. It is simply anal vein dilatation. It looks like purple swelling of stagnated blood. Pile is because of varicosity of leg veins. Pile can be internal or external, based on symptoms. Pregnant women, Police officers and people who stand for long hours are usually suffer from Piles. People with this dreadful condition think that surgery is the only option and for that reason just avoid taking medical advice. Homeopathy has solution for piles. 

Lot of times, anal fissures, fistulas, rectal tumors and anal prolepses are mistaken as piles. I strongly believe that always consult a physician for proper diagnosis. A Homeopath can provide symptomatic treatment, but only a physician can provide diagnosis. In California, Homeopaths are working under SB577 and are subject to many restrictions, whereas in India things are different and State and Federal Govt. fully supports Homeopathy. Now, there is a change in Europe and more and more people are accepting homeopathy and are willing to try it. Royal family of England is strong supporter of Homeopathy.

Piles are very common condition, mainly seen in women than men. There is no reason why it attacks women more than the men. There must be a relation between piles and stress. During these times of economic depression, more people show symptoms of piles. Its incidences are more common in persons who deviate more from nature in regimen, living style and sitting habits. Sufferers are mostly, sedentary workers, frequent flying travelers, people who drink alcohol, and those who often eat fast food or preserved food.

In my early years of Homeopathic practice; I had a good experience dealing with piles. The very effective remedy from Boiron that was in the market was FP 200, which showed good results. I have seen good results with Aesculus Hipp and Hamammalis. Other wonderful remedy is Sulphur 30, for bleeding files. Hammamalis ointment can be used externally to relieve itching, burning and pain. Drinking more water and having fiber in diet would help get rid of constipation and in turn help reduce the symptoms of piles. Please do consult your physician or GI Expert for this condition and you can find a qualified homeopath to take care of you. Once more, this is an educational article and should not be used as a medical advice.

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