Well, it has been a long time, that I get time to write any article. In my last radio talk show on Radio Humsafar, on Feb. 24, 09, I talked about Leucoderma. Lot of friends, family and listeners inspired me to start writing. I told them that there is tons of material online, and who has time to read what I write. My friends told me, that they going to read about few case studies, that in-fact were treated homeopathically.

During my Homeopathic practice between the years 1987-1994, I had a chance to work at Health Care Foundation, in New Delhi, India. This was the time, when I could use the knowledge that I gained at college.

Leucoderma, a skin condition, is often said to be incurable in the Allopathic or Western Medicine. It is made of two words, leuco meaning white and derma meaning skin. In Homeopathy, we treat symptoms and not disease that is why proper history taking is more important. Phulwari or Safed Daag as it is called in Hindi is quite a distressing condition. Because of gradual loss of Melanin from the skin layer there are white spots on skin. These spots are more visible on the people, who have dark or brown skin. This condition may not lead to any organic harm. Most of the times, these spots start with a small patch and eventually intend to be bigger and whiter. In a few people, all the face or whole body becomes white. 

Some people have asked me the root cause of this ugly condition. My understanding is that there are various causes of this problem. Some time excessive mental stress or chronic gastric disorders be the precipitating cause. Some researchers believe that jaundice, or typhoid may cause this condition. There is no direct link of any hereditary issue, yet kids of the parents, who have Vitiligo, might have more chances of occurrence.

Homeopathy has solved this problem in some cases. Again, a proper history taking and follow-up is the key. I remember a small child coming to me with white spots on face and knees. He had these spots since he was three year old. Parents tried all kind of creams and lotions for two years, with no relief. They even applied “Bavchi Oil” on skin for some time. There was no family history of condition in the family. They were worried that other kids make fun of this boy because of these spots.

I took the history and talked to his attending dermatologist. After repertorizing the case three remedies showed up. Arsenic Sulph. Flavum. Sulphur, and Hydrocotyle. He was given low dose of Arsenic Sulph. Flavum for about four months and followed by mild dose of Sulphur 30 for three more months. The spots start showing the change of color. Eventually, he was advised to take more  doses of Sulphur 200, one dose every month as a maintaining dose. There was no contact with parents after that.

Now the questions are that how Homeopathy works in these kinds of auto-immune conditions. Well, homeopathic remedies try to boost immunity and in turn kick out the condition. The principle,” like cures like” is what the basic of homeopathy is. 

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