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Talk show discussion September 6, 2009

HOST:  It has always been my intention that before starting the program to get some information regarding the problem that are commonly found in our community.  We had already discussed a lot of problems earlier, so just like that there is a problem called ulcer in the abdomen that is becoming very common problem nowadays.  So before starting the program, we would request you to briefly inform our listeners about what ulcer is, why it happens, and what are the reasons for it?  It has been heard that sometime it happens when the person is in stress or due to the eating habits, etc.  So please inform us on how can we stay away from this problem.  

HOMEOPATH:  First of all it is very important to know what peptic ulcer is.  A lot of times we see and read and a lot of people call us that we are suffering from ulcer.  It is very hard for them to understand how they got peptic ulcer.  The main reasons for the peptic ulcer are; the first reason is caffeine.  Whenever we drink coffee, the caffeine in it goes inside the stomach and creates ulcer on the stomach lining.  Another reason is smoking.  As we say smoking is injurious to health, this is the main reason for that.  Our elders said that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette is injurious to health, so at some point they knew that these things causes harm inside the body.  The main reason you just said is stress.  I always stress that the different reasons for any disease are hurry, worry, and curry.  As nowadays a lot of people do not have work to do, so because of this they get into a lot of stress.  So when we take a lot of stress, more hydrochloric acid is being made in our stomach and peptic ulcer is ulceration of stomach with more acid and the first part of duodenum.  That means it happens when the acid starts affecting the first part of the small intestine.  For this, let me give you a phone number, (404) 639-3534.  This number belongs to Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  If you need any additional information, you can call me or can call CDC directly.  

HOST:  So, what are things that we can do so that this problem does not happen?  What are the restrictions or what things are to be taken care of?  

HOMEOPATH:  If we take a teaspoon of cold milk and that milk goes into our stomach and neutralizes the acid.  

HOST:  At least one teaspoon or can be taken more?  

HOMEOPATH:  Yes.  There are a lot of people who does not drink milk.  A lot of kids and a lot of adults have allergy to milk.  There are many people in America who has lactose intolerance and they cannot digest milk.  So for this they should take one teaspoon cold milk regularly empty stomach.  Whenever we wake up, the first thing we should do is to have one teaspoon of cold milk and it neutralizes the acid inside the stomach.  

HOST:  So, it is important to take a teaspoon of cold milk when we wake up early in the morning.  

HOMEOPATH:  If only we have the ulcer.  If we do not have the ulcer and if we do not want to have the ulcer, in order to prevent the ulcer water is useful, water neutralizes the hydrochloric acid.  

HOST:  So let us move to our listeners for their questions or if you want to provide any more information and then we should move to our listeners and see what their questions are at (514) 367-5555, (510) 371-8217, and toll free number for the whole North America is 1-888-408-4555 option #1.  You can join in if you have any question regarding your health.  

HOMEOPATH:  I always use a disclaimer that this program is for education and benefit for our community.  This is not a medical diagnosis program.  I am not trying to cure or prevent a disease.  I am not trying to give a medical advice.  This is just an informational talk.  

CALLER:  My name is Joga Singh.  My knee hurt a lot and there is intermittent swelling.  I have had the x-ray and the doctor said that there is lack of grease in the joint.  I am 58 years old.  Please recommend any medicine or any restriction in the food habit or any particular food to eat.  

HOMEOPATH:  Mr. Joga Singh, first thing is that there is a layer in our knee joint which is called cartilage.  Just like when we drive a car it has shockers and they prevent our body from feeling the jerks.  The same way god has provided our joints with cartilage.  If there is deficiency of fluid in the cartilage, we call it that there is lack of grease in the joint.  In your age, there is a very good medicine to drink which is named Osteoheel.  You have to drink this medicine and this way it will rejuvenate the new cartilage in your body.  

CALLER:  Were can we get this medicine in Montreal?  

HOST:  You can check it at any pharmacy.  Mostly these medicines are available at the pharmacy.  

CALLER:  I have one more request.  As there is swelling in the joint, is there any restriction in the food habit?  

HOMEOPATH:  The items that causes gas like lady finger, banana, rice, or lentils.   

CALLER:  I am already not eating these things for a long time.  The onset of this problem has been for at least 8 to 10 months.  I have even got the local medicine from Punjab that I have taken but I did not get any benefit from it.    

HOMEOPATH:  Take this medicine and then call me after two weeks and tell me how much pain is reduced.  

CALLER:  So the pharmacy people will tell me how to take the medicine or will it be written on the medicine?

HOST:  Well, it will be written on the medicine.  Please inquire at the pharmacy or if you need any other information then you can call me.  

CALLER:  Please give me the homeopath's number.  

HOST:  (408) 287-9300  

CALLER:  Thank you.  

HOST:  Next caller.  Sukhwinder Singh.  

CALLER:  Sir, I had a liver transplant in January 2007.  Now, I am having a problem with my feet.  Whenever I walk around, they become so hot that I have to even take off my shoes.  I wanted to ask about this and also the stomach has become enlarged.  

HOMEOPATH:  It is someone else’s liver that has been transplanted in your body and so the Kupffer cells in the liver are not matching with your body.  As the heat is coming out of your feet it means that the liver is not pumping your blood completely.  There is a medicine for that, Circucaps.   

CALLER:  Is it a liquid medicine?  

HOMEOPATH:  No, this medicine is in pill forms.  If you take it one in the morning and evening, the heat in your feet will be gone.  

CALLER:  How is this medicine to be taken?  

HOMEOPATH:  On pill in the morning and one pill in the night.  

CALLER:  I have already been eating a lot of medicines that the doctors have prescribed me.  

HOMEOPATH:  Yes, they are for the liver.  

HOST:  So, he is trying to ask would there be any side effect or it can be taken along with the other medications.  

HOMEOPATH:  Yes, you can certainly take it along with the other medications you are already on.  

CALLER:  And anything for the stomach and gas?  

HOMEOPATH:  Let the liver be treated first and then only we will come to the stomach.   

CALLER:  Thank you sir.


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